Behind every tile is all the value of the culture of ceramics



  • Antica trattoria Piave

    Conegliano (TV)

  • Pasticceria Carmine di Maturo Pasquale

    Gaeta, Latina

  • Appartamento privato Ukraina

    Kharkov (Ukraine)

  • Bicimania Lissone

    Lissone, provincia di Monza e della Brianza

  • Appartamento a Siracusa


  • Ristorante Casa Me'mà

    Figline Valdarno (Firenze)

  • Crianza La Puglia nel cuore

    Como, Lombardia

  • Appartamento San Benedetto del Tronto

    San Benedetto del Tronto, Marche

  • Appartamento Donaldson’s Edinburgh

    Donaldson’s Edinburgh

Project description
Our first rule for renovating our home was to break all the other rules. We let in plenty of light by knocking down as many walls as possible all over the house. The choice of materials was a result of this, inspired by the emotions it called up and by the beauty that fills our eyes every day. Everyday spaces in a home must be designed to make you feel good, to make you want to come back, to enjoy spending time there.

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